About me

Hey peeps,

For me, it all started with ceaseless love and inclination for food from childhood. Right from tasting food at home to street food after school. It mesmerized, how different flavours are blended to get that right perfection to a dish. If you are a food lover, I am sure you know what I am talking about. Eh?

Based out of Hyderabad and Bangalore, my reviews are majorly based in these cities but my fondness for traveling goes in parallel with reviewing food in other places as well. So, you will get a taste of all the dishes throughout India.

For your note, I am very religious with my work. Keeping in mind all the local and international cuisines, I stick to the core taste and authenticity of the dish and do not expect overboard flavour and taste from it. So, now you know where to read up before hitting a restaurant for an authentic and delightful experience. My rating criteria starts with presentation of the food, balancing the flavours well, to how perfectly it is cooked. Ensuring that you have an amazing experience, my reviews would have a detailed and constructive explanation catering to individuals taste and preference.

My adoration for nature is boundless, and you will see me dragged towards breathtaking places very often to taste local food and to get aquainted to their culture. With an undying love for world cinema, television series (ting ting – Netflix) and travelling, I am up for exploring and writing reviews for them as well. So, to experience before you do it, you know where to read up for unbiased details.

Introductions are not far away, I am Vineel Chandra, a pharma graduate with a diploma in patents law. Currently working for a Danish pharma firm, laterally exploring Food, Travel and Cinema.