Breakfast for Rs.99 @Ciclo Cafe!

A delicious and healthy breakfast would definitely be a superstart of your day. For me, breakfast is a paramount than any other meals and without a proper breakfast my day would definitely be incomplete. After their recent pizza festival, I paid a visit to Ciclo cafe to try out their 99 breakfast menu. Isn’t that interesting?

Ciclo is offering specific dishes as breakfast absolutely for Rs.99 (Single dish cost). The menu isn’t specific to a particular cuisine, but a decent spread of Indian and continental. I was there with a cluster of food enthusiasts to try out their breakfast. As aforementioned in my previous posts, Ciclo never fails to impress its food Loyals.

Hazelnut coffee:

I would prefer to say myself as a non-caffeine person. But here I had given a thought to try their hazelnut coffee. It has got that mild hazelnut aroma and will make you go ’ummmmhh’. I would recommend this to the people who would love to have light coffee.

                           Hazelnut Coffee



The pancake is super tender and made up of Quinoa flour. It is accompanied by honey and a perfectly textured whip cream. Since Quinoa is gluten free and abundant in protein, this pancake would be a foremost choice for all types of population. It tastes little sweet because of the flour used, but definitely a good one.


Plain cheese omelette:

It is accompanied by small fried snack (Vada) and a boiled tomato. The omelette is superfluffy with the fresh cheese stuffed in it and it will just flux across your tongue with its cheesy taste.

             Plain Cheese Omelette

Anda Burji Aur Pav:

Anda Burji is adequately loaded with fresh greens and cooked with less amount of spices. The Pav pieces are quite handy and easy to consume. A little amount of masala would have made this more tasty.

         Anda Burji Aur Pav


Marathi Sabudana wada:

This famous snack of Maharastra is undoubtedly a good addition to their breakfast menu. It is deeply fried to golden perfection and served with green chutney. When it comes to the taste, neither it is spicy nor it is bland.

     Marathi Sabudana     Wada


Batata poha:

This Potatoe Poha is emerged from the state of Maharastra. The key ingredients include parched rice, Potatoe, Jeera and turmeric. Cooking parched rice requires a meticulous attention as it is very delicate. The Poha is beautifully cooked, flavours are well-balanced and served with peanut chutney.

            Batata Poha


Emphatically, you would definitely enjoy trying their breakfast. This special offer on breakfast is only applicable on weekends from 8.00 am to 10.00 am. Do pay a visit to enjoy it. Happy breakfasting !!


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