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Indian food is something that all sets of populations enjoy eating it and to cook Indian cuisine, one should be familiar and methodical with the ingredients. Recently , I have been to a restaurant which serves modern Indian cuisine with some continental touch. It’s a Singaporean restaurant brand which opened its very first branch in Bengaluru, India. Here the menu is specially curated by an award winning chef Javed Ahamad . The menu comprise of 15 courses only for Rs.2200. All the dishes I relished are splendidly presented by the chef and surely will make you to drool by the looks . Here in this post, I am gonna elucidate about my gastronomical experience of few dishes from the curated menu.


Location and Ambience:

Situated at level 3 of VR mall and right opposite to PVR. This place welcomes you with some glorious crystal chandeliers which gives you a feel that you entered a lavish hotel. They have a bar counter and pretty good seating capacity which could comfortably accommodate approximately 70 folks. Tables are presented with cutlery, fancy candle holders and Bordeaux glasses. Service is prompt and staff are very polite.


Note: The portions depicted below are for tasting purpose, actual portions may vary.

Chat masala yoghurt:

Well, firstly I was amazed by the way they presented this dish. As the name connotes, it’s a bi-ingredient dish which includes yoghurt and chat masala. The texture reminds me of a poached egg but it is even more delicate. It’s prepared by using a culinary technique called spherification where they used algin as a medium to shape a liquid into sphere. This is a definitely a must try.


Luke warm soup made out of edamame beans and green peas. It tastes quite mild, very lite in tummy and moderately thick in consistency. A perfect appetiser to initiate your meal with.

Goat brain pav:

Goat brain was cooked to perfection with balanced flavors . It is stuffed in batter and outer side is fried to golden perfection . It has that perfect flossy texture and the goat brain stuff was truly a bliss.

 Malvani prawn:

It’s locked with a bag of flavours and lying on a bed of delicious, fluffy charcoal lentil pancake. The prawn bharta is utterly delicious and tasted absolutely great with the pancake . I would prefer to mark it as a healthy version of pancake due to its ingredients.


Chicken liver:

I never assumed that the chicken liver can also be cooked in a way they presented it here. The chef flabbergasted me with his style of cooking this chicken liver. The lever is blended and cooked with masala and garnished with coconut ash powder. You could sense the balanced flavors of coconut and chicken liver.

Banana flower dumpling tomato fennel split peas:

This is another novel delicacy came out really good. Slow cooked banana flower was nicely shaped like a ball and served with tomato, fennel and split peas water. It tasted delectable and the combination of ingredients turned out really well.

Duck Kashmiri rogan josh:

The duck was smoked in tandoor with adequate amount of condiments and accompanied by a cherry tomato and potato mash. Duck is super tender, well-cooked and truly a flavor bag. Cherry potato is juicy and tasted sweet.

Risotto khichdi:

This is one of the dishes I enjoyed eating over there. It has got that perfect mild sticky texture of risotto which will impress your taste buds with its delicious spinachy flavor. Folks, it’s a must try.


I would prefer to call it as a chocolate version of golgappa where the chilli masala water is stuffed inside a white chocolate . The moment you consume it, you could sense the strong flavor of chilli in our oral cavity.

Sea food pilaf:

Scallop was succulent and served with beluga caviar and coconut crumb. It doesn’t have that fishy smell and for me it’s truly a scallop feast . Do not miss to try this amazing dish when you visit Maziga.

Khasta rahra gosht ki biryani with bhurani raita:

This lamb biryani is cooked with saffron and smells quite fragnant. The moment you mix it , the aroma of biryani will hit your nostrils. Raita was thick in consistency and tasted really good with biryani. I would love to have it again.

Thandai panacotta and turmeric kulfi:

Here panacotta is prepared with some interesting ingredients like almond, fennel and cardamom powder. It has that perfect wobble and freshness. Turmeric kulfi is quite good with moderate sweet level and it is soft in nature.

If I Would like to try some modern Indian food in the garden city, I could only think of Maziga. This place is absolutely a food heaven .

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