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From childhood , my love towards food is unfaltering and that has made me a food blogger today. I would always love to feast my taste buds with various flavors. In recent times, I heard quite a lot about the ”Melange –by Radisson blu” as one of the brilliant places to have a buffet. Being a food explorer, I could hardly resist to pay a visit. On a Saturday night, I paid a visit to Melange to relish in their multi-cuisine. Would you be interested in knowing what I have tasted there? Then have an eye on the below content.


Reader’s point:

Folks of Bengaluru, this lavish hotel which is situated in Marathahalli has something to offer to its loyal food patriots. Every Saturday for dinner you have an option of taking +1 with you . To be more elaborative, if you are planning for Saturday dinner at Melange, just pay for 1 get one dinner for absolutely no cost.

Ambiance and staff:

Being a lavish hotel, Radisson blu hasn’t compromised on ambiance right from the modern art, glittering chandeliers, pleasant music to multi-flower arranged bouquets. They have pretty commodious space for dining with a bar counter which could comfortably accommodate 100 folks approximately.


One more thing that left me astounded is their chocolate carvings which are displaced at the food counters as depicted below.


Kudos to the team for meticulously shaping the chocolate into different forms like dragon , tree, warrior and vase.


The staff welcomes you with a lovely smile and are courteous in service. They were very responsive and action your request instantaneously.

It’s all about the food….

 The moment you step into the dinning area, the fragnant aromas of various dishes will hit your nostrils and surely grab your attention. Here I am gonna elucidate on food which loved most over there. (Note: Menu might differ on day to day basis). When we talk about the spread of the buffet its pretty diverse. As the name connotes, (Melange- A motley assortment of things) their buffet spread comprises of Indian, Italian, Lebanese, Mexican and Continental cuisines.


                                             Dahi wada , Curd rice, Chicken and Fish Roulade

To begin with they have a pretty good range of breads like Ciabatta, Multi-grain bread, Garlic bread and Potato parsley which are fluffy and tasted fresh. As a part of salads , they do have sprouts , lettuce , corn salad , Russian salad with decent varieties of dressings like balsamic dressing, mustard dressing ,caesar dressing and kimchi dressing. Among st the aforementioned dressings , I prefer mustard dressing due to its pungent flavor.



Moving on to the starters, the spread is quite decent with the varieties like chicken tikka, paneer tikka, veg and non-veg pizzas, sliced fish , Mexican tacos etc. You could actually place an order at the live counter by just mentioning your table number. We ordered Chicken Quesadilla and kathi roll at the live counter. Trust me that was the best Quesadilla I had till date. The chicken stuff inside was cooked to perfection and it has that spicy taste which is desired by an Indian tongue.


                            Tacos                                      Sliced fish in coriander and chilli sauce

Sliced fish in coriander and fresh chilli sauce is a must try. The fish pieces are super tender ,well-cooked and will just melt in your mouth. Over the curries , I loved Paneer makhani, choka matar and slow roast leg of lamb, shallots and cinnamon.



Paneer makhani and Choka matar          Slow roast leg of lamb, shallots and cinnamon

This lamb curry has the strong aroma of cinnamon and the gravy was truly a mix of all spices. The super juicy roasted tenderloin is truly a bliss over there. It is mild in spice and rich in taste.

                                                                Roasted tenderloin

Aforesaid, their Lebanese dippings comprise of hummus, labneh, muhammara, tomato salsa and marinated olives. Hummus and Labneh are great in terms of both taste and texture and goes really well with pita and khubus.

Chicken Roulade is something novel to me which I never tasted before. Its basically a slice of steak rolled around a filling such as cheese and chicken. The chicken pieces are super tender and the stock served with it was utterly delicious. They also have a decent spread of pickles like Onion, garlic, bitterguard, raddish and red chilli.


Without a dessert a meal would definitely be incomplete. Do you agree with that? Melange will promise you the wide spread of desserts like coconut mango panacotta, coconut laddo, chocolate mousse, fruit tart ,mango cake and many more. I would prefer to say that the chef created a magic in making desserts. I personally loved all the desserts over there.


To sum up, unquestionably, Melange is a worth visiting hotel . I would recommend this place for corporate gatherings, team lunch and dinners and for family functions too. I would love to visit again.











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