Mouth-watering steaks @Bengaluru Grill House (By Radission Blu)

As people say, exploring food has no boundaries. My appetency towards steaks made me to visit this place. When it comes to steak, I could hardly think of other places in Bengaluru.

If you are in seek of some juicy steaks, then perhaps you need to pay attention to this post. Bengaluru grills by Radisson blu is bringing you a melange of steaks which are worth trying. They have passionate chefs in the house who have been serving amazing steaks to their food admirers.

Location and Ambience:

Bengaluru grill house is brainchild of Radisson blu which sits in Marathahalli. Unlike other restaurants in Radisson like Melange and Shao, this place has something stimulating. The dining area is fixated right next to the pool and gives a lavish vibe. You could see premium burgundy wine glasses arranged on the tables with candles placed in colourfully decorated candle holders. By reading the above description you could make out that this place is apt for candle light dinners. If I was you, I couldn’t have asked for a better candle light dinner.



I have tasted approximately four varieties of breads accompanied by salsa and butter. They bake their own breads with a promising quality. Breads are baked perfectly and out of all I loved the garlic bread. It tastes rich in garlic and crunchy in nature.

It’s time to know about the steaks!

         “The only time to eat diet food is while you’re waiting for the steak to cook”- Julia child

Rosemary and Juniper Berry Marinated Tournedo:

This steak platter comprises of Tournedo steak, cooked baby potatoes, tomatoes, bell pepper, beans, red wine sauce and french fries with tomato ketchup. Tournedos are basically Tenderloin Steaks, which are always cut thickly from the centre of the Tenderloin Roast. This portion of beef is supposed to be tender and juicy. Here this dish is executed fantastically by the chef. All the vegs served are perfectly cooked with pepper and tasted so fresh. The tournedo is extremely tender and oozes out the juices. A glass of cabernet with tournedo tasted heavenly.

Chicken platter:

The chicken served here is Cornfed chicken. Right from the genesis, chickens are fed with corn which brings a different taste when you chew it. This platter also comprises of cooked baby potatoes, tomatoes, bell pepper, beans, red wine sauce and french fries with tomato ketchup. Chicken is marinated properly and fried to golden brown with adequate amount of condiments. This platter would be my first recommendation for you guys.



No matter how much you eat, a person with sweet tooth will always have a space in the tummy for desserts.

Apple pie:

 This apple pie is one of the best of which I tasted till date. The crust is moderately hard and filled with fresh minced pieces of apple with adequate amounts of cinnamon and sugar. The consistency is quite good and baked to perfection. It is just delicious.

Death by chocolate:

Though I am not a chocolate fanatic, I decided to try this dessert because of its presentation. The appearance of it would certainly make the chocolate lovers  salivate. It deceivingly looks like a Choco lava cake. Once you touch it, the fresh chocolate will just erupt from the cake. It tasted good but I felt it could be better.

By this time, after reading my post you would have understood which place is best for steaks. A lot of us had a misconception that steaks are very pricy in India. But Bengaluru grill house will prove you wrong with their reasonable pricing. Undoubtedly, you can pay a visit to this place with your bae for a date.

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