Sorry ladies, this is exclusively for gentlemen!

Tom Hopkins a famous American writer once said “You are your greatest asset. Put your time, effort and money into training, grooming, and encouraging your greatest asset”. Well I have to agree to that fact after my recent visit to this Royal English men’s salon named “Truefitt& hill”. Ever since its origin dating back to 1805, this royal English salon has been the world’s oldest barber shop. This salon extracts its half name from the founder William Francis Truefitt who styled himself as hairdresser to the British Royal Court and the firm received their very first royal warrant from King George III.

This royal salon is currently operational in countries like Australia, Canada, India, China, Russia and United states etc. Apart from salon services, Truefitt & hill also manufactures its own grooming products which includes shaving, hair and skin care products.


In our garden city we have 3 functional branches and 4th branch is now open in Sadashiva nagar. The store is located in the heart of Sadashiva nagar and absolutely easy to locate. The moment you enter the store you could point a large showcase which displays a wide range of men’s grooming product like after shave balms, pre shave skin protectors , hair replenishing conditioners and shampoos etc. Straight to the point, all these products aren’t just manufactured simply but has a history behind each one of it.

I have to admit the fact that I usually take less care of my feet. Perhaps that reason has made me to opt for Royal pedicure which starts with selection of cream based on your skin type. It’s a 1 hour procedure which includes various steps like de-tan mask , removing the dead cells and leg massage etc. (Not explaining the whole procedure here as it is elaborated in their official site).


The person who was assigned to me for pedicure has a profound knowledge on the ingredients used and the procedure. Initially before start of procedure , I was quite curious to see the result and had a question in my mind “What’s the difference between the ordinary pedicure at other salons and Trufitt & hill pedicure? But after procedure I could notice the differences like usage of fine cosmetic products , in depth understanding to the staff on cosmetics and their functions on skin. Do you believe they even have some SOP’s to follow for many services!

Truefitt & hill truly treats you as a royal with their lavish grooming services. I could really be sure that this salon is absolutely different from various other salons in terms of their products and services. So, where are you planning your next hair cut?













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