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MARQUIS; A new party destination.

MARQUIS (Pronounced as Marquee literally translates to a large tent used for social or commercial functions) is a new party destination in Bengaluru. How wonderful it is to have a lavish night club by Radisson Blu. Talking more about the place, it is in Radisson Blu hotel which sits in Marathahalli. An Italian architect named Gussape Morando from spacematrix (An Italian architecture company) designed this pulchritude which really turned out to be one of the few splendid night clubs in the city.


Marquis is also one of the very few completely licensed discotheques in Bengaluru which is ready to entertain it’s patrons. Interiors are very stylish with premium couches, a big screen for DJ and a spacious dance floor. They have a flea market themed kitchen named M-Kitchen where all the dishes listed in the menu are displayed on the wall with pictures. Sticking to the theme , they serve all the dishes in  paper  bowls and the menu is a concoction of various delicacies from various parts of the world. One of their specialities is to serve non-synthetic cocktails ; which means all the syrups and ingredients used to make cocktails are prepared in house. Continue Reading…


Mouth-watering steaks @Bengaluru Grill House (By Radission Blu)

As people say, exploring food has no boundaries. My appetency towards steaks made me to visit this place. When it comes to steak, I could hardly think of other places in Bengaluru.

If you are in seek of some juicy steaks, then perhaps you need to pay attention to this post. Bengaluru grills by Radisson blu is bringing you a melange of steaks which are worth trying. They have passionate chefs in the house who have been serving amazing steaks to their food admirers.

Location and Ambience:

Bengaluru grill house is brainchild of Radisson blu which sits in Marathahalli. Unlike other restaurants in Radisson like Melange and Shao, this place has something stimulating. The dining area is fixated right next to the pool and gives a lavish vibe. You could see premium burgundy wine glasses arranged on the tables with candles placed in colourfully decorated candle holders. Continue Reading…