Toscano Wine Connection- “An Italian Gastronomical Affair”

George miller a famous film director quoted once that “The trouble with eating Italian food is that five or six days later you are hungry again”.

I would say, to me, it’s a befitting statement. My love to Italian cuisine is boundless. When we talk about Italian cuisine the first 2 dishes that comes to most of our mind are pizza and pasta. But there are quite a lot of unexplored, flavoursome dishes. There are hardly places in Bengaluru where you could anticipate the authentic Italian delicacies. I am sure “Toscano Wine Connection” is one among those. Here the chef succeeded in retaining the authenticity of Italian cuisine with a mild Mediterranean touch.

Being a resident of Bengaluru, Toscano is no new to me. Even after multiple visits my experience with Toscano has been fantabulous. Over a decade, Toscano is winning the hearts of food obsessives in the city of Bengaluru with its rich and authentic Italian food. “Toscano Wine Connection” is a Brainchild of Toscano. The concept behind the name “Wine connection” is to serve a wide range of premium wines to the wine admirers. Apart from the wines, they also have a good number of wine paired dishes in their menu.

Location and Ambience:

Fixated in one of the busiest roads in Whitefield named Varthur road. This place is quite easy to locate as it is clearly visible from the main road. The ambience is quite classy with velvety chairs matching to the colourful walls.


They also have a dedicated wall to which showcased the premium collection of wine. The place has an amazing ventilation and well air conditioned.

Well, would you be interested in knowing about the dishes I have tasted there? Then let’s take a look

Mediterranean Hummus Bean Falafal:

This is a delightful plate to initiate your meal with. This plate comprises of Pita, olives, hummus, muhammara, sun dried tomatoes and falafel. Usually falafel is made up of ground chick peas or fava beans. Here uniquely it is made up of double red beans. It is fried to dark brown and has got an amazing flavour of red beans. Pita is quite fluffy and tasted great with mild olive oil flavoured and thick textured hummus. Olives and sun dried tomatoes are delicious too.


A usual antipasto which won my heart with its pleasing taste. Bruschetta is quite common antipasto (Traditional first course of a formal Italian meal) that is served in various Italian restaurants across the continents. Juicy cherry tomatoes are nicely layered on sour dough bread with adequate amount of Parmesan sprinkled on it. The crunchiness of the bread with these fresh toppings will truly satisfies your taste buds. Cherry tomatoes are dominant in flavour where as basil oil gives a mild touch.

Sautéed Mussels:

Seafood lovers, this is an astounding dish to try. Mussels are sautéed well to extreme tenderness with some fresh tomato, rosemary and herbs. This dish is accompanied by sour dough toast. The bland taste of mussels is perfectly masked by juicy tomatoes and lemon. The sweetness of tomato and citrusy flavour of lemon gives a pleasant flavour to this dish.

Grilled Prosciutto Wrapped Figs:

In Italian Prosciutto literally means Ham. Fresh figs are soaked in red wine for a decent amount of time and perfectly wrapped by moderately grilled thin sliced Ham. Doesn’t it sound delicious? The moment I bite the fig it oozed out with mild wine and fruity flavor. The wrapped ham has a raw meat taste but when it is combined with fig and goat cheese, it engrossed the cheesy and freshness of fig perfectly which really turned the dish to be a great one.

Spanish Sausage:

This sausage is made up of pork with mild quantities of paprika and garlic. Here the Spanish sausage is fried with balsamic fig sauce and wine with some baby tomatoes added on its top. It has got a strong flavor of balsamic vinegar sausage. Trust me its one of the best sausages I have had till date.

Pumpkin and ricotta Ravioli:

I have tasted Pumpkin risotto many times, but haven’t tried Pumpkin ravioli before. When I heard the combination, I could hardly wait to taste it. The moment it arrived on the table it levitated my curiosity to try. The ravioli is stuffed with beautifully cooked sweet pumpkin. This dish has small cubed pieces of pumpkin, cherry tomatoes, ricotta cheese with some basil leaves. The sweetness of pumpkin with cheese tasted unique but delicious.

Pollo e Funghi Affumicati: (Pizza)

The name might sound quite sophisticated but in layman language its nothing but a Smoked chicken and mushroom pizza. The crust of the pizza is thin and fluffy. The corners of crust are wonderfully baked with adequate amount of cheese. It has an intense smoky flavor in chicken. Mushroom pieces tasted good but smokiness of chicken conquered it.

Spinach and Ricotta Gnocchi:

Gnocchi is nothing, but a small dough dumpling generally stuffed with potatoes. Here Gnocchi is stuffed with potato and fair amount of spinach. It has got a squashy texture and deeply immersed in creamy blue cheese sauce. The moment you place it on your tongue it just melts with a pleasing taste of potato with cheese. This is a must try!

Charcoal smoked cheesecake:

This dessert blew my mind with its mild charcoal and rich cheesy taste. They prepare the cheesecake and place it on the layer of charcoal overnight. Whole night it absorbs the charcoal and brings a beautifully balanced charcoal flavor to the cheesecake. All I can say about this cheesecake is cheesy, delicious and healthy too. You might think how can I cheesecake could be healthy? But the infused charcoal in the cheesecake helps you to flush out few toxins from the body.


Forthrightly, I have never tried Cannoli before. This is a roll shaped fried pastry dough filled with ricotta cheese and garnished with minced pieces of pistachio, fig, watermelon and a micro herb. The pastry roll is crunchy and oozing out the fresh ricotta cheese. The fruity flavor with cheese was a great combination indeed.

The above mentioned are only few among the dishes I have tasted there. I would like to endorse this place to the people who would love to have authentic Italian dishes. The staff here are quite courteous ,prompt in service and also have a fairly acquainted with the dishes served on the table.

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  1. True that. Not only the food but the ambience looks so catchy that I am sure no one can resist being here.

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