World Pizza festival at Ciclo cafe (From August 1st to 30th)

Ciclo cafe (Pronounced as Chick-lo in Spanish) is India’s first premium cycle-themed cafe with 3 successful branches in the cities of Hyderabad, Bengaluru and Chennai. In the garden city, this Cafe sits in 12th main road , Indiranagar. If you are planning to purchase premium bicycles and its accessories , then paying a visit to Ciclo would be a wise option.

Yes, you heard me correct! Aside from delicious food , as the name connotes Ciclo also offers you luxury cycles and it’s accessories. It also has a cycle mechanic in the basement where you could get your cycles reconditioned. 

Since my appentency towards pizza is never resistible, I paid a visit to Ciclo with a bunch of foodies to indulge in various varieties of Pizzas. The concept behind their pizza festival is to serve some delectable pizzas from different parts of the world. Lets have a look the pizzas I have tasted overthere.

Hungarian Langos:

Traditionally, Langos is a deep fried dough of Hungarian origin which comprise yeast, salt , flour and grated cheese as main ingredients. Here the chef succeeded in executing it in a form of pizza. The crust is super-fluffy with fresh grated cheese , sour garlic cream and perfectly cooked tender Cajun chicken spreaded on its top. The flavors are well-balanced and it is tongue friendly.

Italian Calzone:

When it comes to pizza the country which strikes to our mind is Italy. Italian calzone is one amongst the various pizzas in Italy which has emerged from the city of Naples. Unlike other pizzas it is in-folded at edges and middle portion is stuffed with chicken , fresh spinach and perfectly cooked corn. It is juicy and delectable. If you wanna try this at your home you can even stuff it with other meats like beef or bacon.


Japanese Okonomiyaki (Vegetarian):

As the implies , it is of Japanese origin. This pizza is a fusion of Japanese pancake. The crust is extremely fluffy which is made up of cabbage and topped with adequate amount of pizza sauce and cheese. It tastes normal because of the ingredients in it . I would recommend this to the folks who would love to have too authentic form of pizza without an Indian touch.

Turkish Lahmajoun:

It is also named as Armenian and Lebanese pizza. Middle east countries have got a different way of preparing pizza at their best. The crust of this pizza is thin and baked to golden perfection and topped with minced pieces of tomato chicken gravy , cilantro and rings of onions. I would prefer to say amongst all other pizzas, this one is my favorite one.

We had put an end to our dinner with some mouthsmacking desserts. I personally liked their Tiramisu because of its perfect texture and strong coffee taste. Another super delicious dessert which will please you to have many more pieces is Activated charcoal flavored mango Panacotta. It’s one of the best Panacotta’s I had before. The other chocolate desserts are yummy too!

Overall, it was a delightful opportunity to me to get acquainted to several pizza varieties which I have never tasted before. Ciclo cafe never compromises in the quality and will never fail to impress it’s food patriots. Take your time to pay a visit and pamper your taste buds with their Pizzas.

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