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Hello readers! Aren’t you bored of reading my early Italian and continental food posts? If yes, then I have something different to share which will definitely interests you. How many of you are pan Asian food lovers? Yes you heard me correct, In this post I am going to share my delightful experience at a premium pan Asian restaurant named YOUMEE.

YOUMEE has its first branch opened in Delhi and now its journey has extended to the city of Bengaluru. The new branch is situated in ground level of Forum Shantiniketan mall in Whitefield. Talking about the food served there, you could explore a wide range of Sushis , Dimsums, Ramen bowls , Noodles , Robatas , Cheung fun rolls , Salads and Desserts. I would prefer to mark this place as one of the best places in Bengaluru to tryout the pan Asian delicacies. Here you have an option of customising the ramen broth of your interest.

Ambience and service:

When you enter this restaurant, it gives you a good vibe. They render a premium dining feel with wooden decors and stone crockery with a good seating capacity. The staff are courteous and prompt in service. They also have a balcony area for dining which is under renovation and will be open to public very soon.




I was there with a cluster of food admirers for a dinner, Would you be interested in knowing what I tasted there? Take a look below

Litchi and basil quencher:

It’s a tri-Ingredient mocktail which comprise of mint , basil and litchi. The taste is more of mint with a slight litchy touch and its absolutely refreshing.

Bejing duck cups:

As the name connotes, the duck meat was placed in iceberg lettuce cups. The duck meat was stir fried and roasted with veggies. Duck meat was cooked to perfection and tasted great with the combination of sauces.


Crispy duck teriyaki rolls:

I felt it’s a modified version of sushi. The chef experimented this dish which came out really good. Crispy fried duck was rolled with sushi rice and garnished with cucumber tempura flakes and mayonnaise. The taste of duck and sweetness of teriyaki sauce is truly an amazing combination. I would love to recommend this to everybody.


Youmee garden dragon sushi:

An amazing veg sushi which will be enjoyed by all sets of population. The presentation of this dish is just magnificent. The carving perfectly resembles a dragon and sushis are placed in a line like a body of the dragon. Crunchy asparagus and spicy mayo is rolled with sushi rice and garnished with avocado on its top. The veg stuffing is well-cooked and that mild avocado taste is just delicious.

Warm dynamite shrimps:

This dish tags under non-veg salads. Crispy fried shrimps are glazed with cream chilli mayo and placed on a bed of fresh lettuce. Shrimps are well-cooked with chilli mayo sauce which is rich is taste. I personally this dish could have been even more delicious with a pinch of salt. Lettuce tasted fresh .

New york cheese and chilli oil dimsum:

The dimsums here looks extremely pleasing and will surely tempt you to grab one. This variety of dimsum is stuffed with Philadelphia cheese and water chestnuts and accompanied by soya sauce. The texture of outer layer of dimsum was perfect and the combination of cheese and water chestnuts tasted great.

Beetroot and cheese & Spicy vegetable and chives:

Both these dimsum varieties astonished my by its combination and ingredients. Beetroot and cheese dimsum was red in colour and very delicate to hold. Cheese and beetroot combination was good but it could be better. Spicy vegetable and chive dimsum is a flavour bag with the ingredients like lotus root, fresh red chilli, black fungus and carrots. It jeered my tastebuds with its mixed flavours. Do not miss to try their dimsums when you visit Youmee!

Youmee cocoa:

Despite being a chocolate lover, I decided to try this as per the staff suggestion. It has that fresh aroma of pure cocoa . This drink will definitely be enjoyed by chocolate lovers . The cocoa used in this drink is unadulterated and tasted incredible.

Pad Thai noodles:

This traditional Thai noodles are prepared at its best . You could sense the flavours of peanut, shallots, garlic and tamarind. It tastes tangy due to the ingredients and goes well with soya sauce. The chef succeeded in bringing that authentic taste .


Malaysian chicken satay:

Chicken skewers has been one of the staple Malaysian street foods . Here the tender chicken skewers are served with warm peanut sauce , rice and vegetable salad. The skewers are tender and a bit chewy and the peanut sauce is rich in flavour and thick in texture.

Traditional Thai water chestnut:

It is a famous Thai dessert named “Thapthim krop” . It is made up of cubes of syrup coated water chestnuts. Water chestnuts are moderately sweet and resembles the taste of tuti frutti . The coconut cream is fresh and tasty but I would rather suggest to use coconut milk which brings that authenticity to the dessert.

Banana fritter Sunday:

This dessert is my favourite one. Banana is fried and crust is topped with homemade whip cream and a scoop of Vanilla. The banana tasted sweet and caramel topping on it is fresh and tasted great with the ice cream.


We finished our dinner with this aromatic Japanese tea. The core ingredients of the tea are bamboo shoots, ginger, roses, sesame and famed schizandra berries . This tea is extremely rich in anti-oxidants and high in flavour. The flavour of rose with ginger and sesame is just WOW!

My Pan Asian gastronomical experience at YOUMEE was extremely delightful. They put quite a lot of effort in rendering the dishes in an exceptionally good manner. I f you are looking to feast your taste buds with some great pan Asian delicacies, then YOUMEE is the right place to be.

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